Tuesday, August 08, 2006

saving grace

Tom Petty - Saving Grace (pops)

Where shall I begin?

Well, (former, not-quite) Airman Jon-Boy came to visit Friday night. Seeing as he's back in the Land of Cotton for the time being, I expect to raise more than my share of hell with him for a while. We mostly played guitar, talked video games, and criticized each other's choices in music. (And You Will Know Us... suck. Bottom line.)

What was funny was the kittens loved him. One curled up on his lap and went to sleep, having never met him before.

Oh yeah, we're down to just two kittens. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince the family to keep them both. Two of the kittens went to Kayla Roberts' mom. The mama cat is now exiled to the outside permanently, since she's been cavorting with the kittens' father again. We'll be having none of that in this house again. We'll throw food and water out there, of course, but she can't be inside again. She'll bring in fleas, ticks, and most importantly, new kittens. None of those three are desirable.

The old sense of dread is returning. I've got ten days before I go back to the salt mines, and I'm in that state of "looking forward to it"/"not looking forward to it". On one hand, I would like to get out and maybe see some people I haven't seen since school ended, but on the other I want to keep sleeping late and staying up late.

Either way, I can't wait until nine days from now, when I get my scholarship money. Most of it is going straight to the bank (bills, bills, bills), but maybe I can hold out a few hundred for something new and nice, like an instrument or a new gadget.

Who that reads this has an iPod? I'd like to hear an unbiased summary of the pros and cons of getting a 60GB video, from someone I can relate to. I currently have about 30 to 40 gigs of music on my computer, and it would be nice to actually listen to it somewhere other than my computer.

Of course, all that music was purchased by legal means and electronic storage of such media is merely an extension of the rights guaranteed to consumers by the Berne Convention of 1955. Of course.

Anyway, I guess I'll see you around next week, if not earlier. Later.


Blogger Joey said...

How's Gunner doing these days?

2:11 AM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

Fine, I guess. Says he's going to get an apartment in Athens, get a job, and enroll in GSC-OC in the spring.

9:12 AM


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