Tuesday, August 15, 2006

london bridge

Fergie - London Bridge (alternate video) (pops)

What's up, my loyal readers?

Today I haven't really done anything.

I woke up at 7:00AM to get ready for getting up that early the rest of the semester, and did my internet business (email, news sites, etc.).

Then I played Scrabble for a while. I've been playing regularly for a couple of weeks and I've gotten to about 300-350 on average. I hereby throw down the gauntlet for anyone who wants to challenge me. Name the time, name the place.

I also finally broke down and ordered a trial subscription of the Wrestling Observer through email, but I haven't gotten anything back from Dave yet saying he got the information. I love what Dave does, but he's a bit scatterbrained sometimes. I know if I had as much to do on a daily basis as he does, plus put out the weekly newsletter, I'd be much worse than he is about being scatterbrained.

Tomorrow I've got to go get my scholarship money and buy my books (hopefully they're not cleaned out at the campus bookstore). Thursday I'll go deposit the check and maybe make a wild, unexplainable purchase that I'll regret shortly. Friday I drag myself into class and try not to freak out that my summer is already over and I did almost nothing the entire time.

Monday is going to be a long day. but at least I get Tuesday off to recover.

I just hope no one gets cute and tries to actually assign work the first week or so. I hate the "let's jump right in!" teachers. If I'm ever one of those, please take me down clean. I plan to just mellow out for at least a few days before hitting my students with the inevitable mountain of work. Hey, I can lie on a lesson plan just as well as anyone can.

Well, that about does it. See you next week, if I'm still alive, for another rousing rendition of "A Day in the Life".


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