Tuesday, August 29, 2006

free bird

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird (pops)

This post is a love/hate edition, mainly because I don't feel like actually explaining anything this week.

LOVE: Columbus, GA's Little League World Champions.

HATE: Kawaguchi City's team was just as good, but for whatever reason, didn't play as well on the given day.

LOVE: The kittens are finally old enough to get flea collars. No more scratching.

HATE: They also wreck everything they can get their little paws on.

LOVE: Chinese food.

HATE: Arthur magazine. Suck it up, hippies. I'm fairly liberal (socially) and I think you've got your heads up your asses.

LOVE: Short lab sessions.

HATE: Going around Athens the long way because my ride wants to go by his house and pick up his phone.

LOVE: Getting to go back to the high school to do my field observation.

HATE: Forgetting to do my homework in my education class until I walked in the door.

LOVE: Throwing something together in the five minutes between me getting in there and her collecting it.

HATE: Science classes in general. Has anyone actually had a good science class? I can't think of one I've had. Biology sucked, Chemistry sucked even worse, and Physics was extremely hard but tolerable because of the people I was in there with.

LOVE: Film and Culture class.

HATE: the Spanish language. If English is the international language of commerce, why do we have to learn anything else? Esperanto I could understand from a theoretical point of view (no one has the advantage of being a native speaker), but why the same old Romance languages?

LOVE: That special someone.

LOVE: That other special someone.

HATE: Being the cowardly lion when it comes to the two above.

HATE: Most of society.


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