Tuesday, October 25, 2005

what's the frequency, kenneth?

R.E.M. - What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (pops)

Because songs about Dan Rather getting viciously assaulted are tops in my book.

As an aside, if someone could get me an exact replica of the outfit that Mike Mills wears in that video, custom-tailored to my size, I would be forever grateful. I promise I would wear it at least once a week.

When I still entertained fancies of playing music for a living, I didn't look up to Jimmy Page or Pete Townshend. I looked up to musicians like John Paul Jones and Mike Mills. I never wanted to be a centerpiece; I'm not that much of an egomaniac. I wanted to be the foundation of the band's sound, the arranger, the multi-instrumentalist. I also wanted final decision over what we played, usually something I would write. That's probably a big reason why I never got past the preliminary stages of getting a band together. I may not be an egomaniac, but I'm damn sure a perfectionist.

Quick rundown of my instrumental background, all of which I can play with varying degrees of proficiency: guitar, bass, drums, piano, mandolin, violin/fiddle, harmonica, banjo, autoharp, xylophone/marimba/etcetera, timpani, and very little recorder. So I've got the foundations for being a semi-competent multi-instrumentalist. And yes, timpani are a bitch to play, especially if you don't have perfect pitch (I don't). Ask any percussionist, and you'll find out pretty quickly.

Driving home today, I got a massive headache, and I've been in bed ever since. It's great having your monitor and keyboard on your nightstand; you can be miserably sick and still check your email. I've got a paper to write for AmGov due by next Thursday, but it's only a two-pager. I guess I'll work on it some, but I'll probably do the bulk of the work over the weekend. I'm dreading algebra tomorrow for two reasons. One, I didn't bother doing the homework she assigned, and two, it's boring as hell.

I'm gonna go see what the medicine cabinet can do for a sinus headache. I bid you adieu.


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