Friday, October 21, 2005

detachable penis

King Missile - Detachable Penis (pops)

There we go. Something that beats out Jonathan Richman for the weirdest song to be put on here.

Too bad I don't have any real content to go along with it.

Same as always today. Woke up, watched lucha, went to school, went to class, took a quiz, left the school, filled up my car, then went home.

I only had one class today, because I'll have two Psych periods on Monday: one regular class at the normal time and then at noon, a lecture I've got to attend and write a paper on. Great fun. The topic? Suicide prevention. Always a cheerful subject.

It felt like a waste of gas to drive all the way to school and back for one class. If I didn't have a quiz today, I was going to just skip it. I hate classes with attendance policies, but even worse, I hate classes without attendance policies but with daily quizzes that you can't make up. It's essentially the same thing, but with the second option, you're penalized for legitimate absences as well as illegitimate ones.

This weekend? I'm going to go grocery shopping and then read through my complete collection of MAD magazines. Exciting times.

I've got to remember to get Russell some Carlos Mencia albums, since I said I could get them easier than he could. Hopefully, he can help me out in the future with his employee discount at his new job.

Too bad I don't really need any car audio stuff, since that's his specialty. I've got a stock radio/cassette player in my car, and I don't really need any more than that. Sure, a CD player would be nice, and an MP3 CD player even nicer, but I can't justify the cost. As long as the radio works, and I can find something on one of the five stations I switch through, I'm fine.

Plus, I'd go nuts picking and choosing what to burn for the car collection. When you've got something like 200 albums worth of music, it gets tricky when considering what I want to listen to each day. Although, my collection comes in handy in the rare instances where I DJ. I've probably got something everyone will like, whether it be country, rock, rap, metal, techno, or even classical.

I shall cease my prattling for now. I have things to do and people to see.

Okay, not really.


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