Tuesday, October 18, 2005

dancing in the lesbian bar

Jonathan Richman - Dancing in the Lesbian Bar (pops)

With a title like that, you know I had to use this one at least once.

I officially changed my major today, trekking all the way to the Administration building and picking up the form, which said "go to the website, click on 'Current Students', then click on 'Change of Major Form'". And to think, I wasted all that effort in walking. But anyway, I went to the website (using IE, because GSC doesn't know any better than to use non-standard HTML codes which Firefox won't recognize) and filled out the form. It will be on my transcript in about a week.

Today, I went to class, came back home, goofed around on the internet, ate dinner, then took out the trash. Standard Tuesday operating procedure. Nothing new, nothing interesting. Same as always.

I should take up an extreme sport, to break up the monotony. Maybe bungee jumping or bullriding or something. I hear skydiving is nice.

I found a site for rap instrumentals today, but I don't think my readership is all that enthused about sick beats.

I've been trying to come up with an idea for a long-form written work, like a novella or something. Think anyone would buy a story about a realistic superhero, as in someone who works a day job and "fights crime" at night, but is considered a buffoon and a dangerous vigilante by the authorities? Secret identity and all that. Uses readily available technology, like police scanners and stun guns, instead of "superpowers". The only big problem is what to do with him/her. You can only put a character like that in so many situations before it gets too far-fetched, and the territory has been fairly well-trod by Frank Miller (Daredevil, Batman) and Alan Moore (Watchmen). It doesn't leave a lot of freedom, but I'll try to work something out.

I guess that's it for the day. Tomorrow I'll try not to fall asleep in class, so I guess it'll be the same as every day.


Blogger Twiggy said...

Moley! Thanks for the health advice...we'll see how it goes. =)

2:35 PM


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