Thursday, October 06, 2005

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After 11:00 AM tomorrow, I'm free for four whole days. No homework, no studying, no real responsibilities.

But that's tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to have to study my ass off to make a good grade on the Psych midterm. Or, I can do really poorly and hope that everyone else has the same idea, and he gives us a big curve. But I know someone would ruin it, so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and study.

I'm listening (well, after picking today's video) to R.E.M.'s album Monster. I swear, I don't like them just because I'm from the Athens area. It does help, however, to be surrounded by sheer fanboyishness. For instance, the shirt I'm wearing right now is from Wuxtry Records, the quite possibly the largest repository of R.E.M. memorabilia outside of the band members themselves (and their collection is probably larger than most of the members). Also, Peter Buck worked at Wuxtry before he was in R.E.M., so there you go.

I'm also putting off studying. That's pretty convenient, don't you think?

After Monster finishes, I'm going to finally get around to listening to Elliot Smith's first album. I'll most likely be done with my masters' before I get around to listening to everything I've got.

Note to self: listen to Sam Kinison albums, steal material/delivery, go get Joey to help me do old-fashioned tent revivals, profit.

I'm halfway considering ordering that doctorate degree from the ULC. Metaphysics or Divinity? Decisions, decisions. It would be really funny to have a doctorate hanging up on my wall while I'm plodding away at good old GC. Maybe I could get my professors to call me "Doctor Foster". Then again, there's a small chance that buying a fake degree from a highly questionable institution would somehow be morally deplorable.

Also, I need the thirty bucks for gas more than I need a fake degree.

Oh well, I'm off to study. I'll try not to let my brain explode like the Russian chessmaster's did.


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