Wednesday, October 05, 2005

mad world

Mad World - Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules (pops)

This might be the most depressing song I've ever heard, and I've listened to the entire Cure discography, plus Joy Division and the last Johnny Cash album. You've got to love a song that includes the line "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had". The song was originally a Tears for Fears number, but Gary Jules and Michael Andrews stripped it down to this bleak, bare melody that is just utterly dysphoric.

I went to school today and watched the faculty set up for the "Transfer Fair", also known as the "Get The Hell Out Of Gainesville Fair". Then I went to Psych, where we had a twenty-five minute review session, so that was a complete waste of time. I sat around the SRC for another half-hour before going to my algebra class, where I had my midterm. Not too horrible, but I can see how some people would find it discouraging. I know of at least one person who's already dropping the class based solely on this test.

I got done in about forty minutes, then went home. I picked up Mom so we could go to her mother's and to the dentist. I made small talk at my grandmother's house so I could get my great-uncle's late graduation present (cash, accepted everywhere). I had to drive over there because my mom sucks at driving on 316, while I drive on it every single day.

After that I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. No cavities, but they still won't take out that verdammt bottom retainer. I'll offer to take it out myself if they'd provide the novocaine and the dental drill.

I then went by Taco Bell to get dinner, and saw Brittany, who was on her way to meet Kate to help plan a wedding shower. Then I came home, checked my email, and saw that Kelly Johnson is still talking to me even after that birthday card.

And that's pretty much it up until now. Don't you feel just positively enlightened?

Oh, and I picked up the new copy of Flagpole as I was leaving the school, but I haven't gotten a chance to get past the movie section yet.

Didn't want to leave anything out.

I'm going to try to write another song, but as soon as I say that, any semblance of lyricist/librettist talent I have will suddenly evaporate.

Funny how things turn out. Maybe I'll watch lucha instead.


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