Sunday, October 02, 2005

streets of bakersfield

Dwight Yoakam (with Buck Owens) - Streets of Bakersfield (pops)

I need to play more guitar.

But instead, I play more video games. I picked up Soul Calibur 2 for cheap at Gamestop when I went to renew my discount card (and receive another year of Game Informer, the most biased game magazine out there). It's alright, but it's not as easy to get into as Tekken, its "sister" series. I guess some people like the depth of the gamplay, but sometimes I just want to beat the shit out of something, and since the assault laws in my state are what they are, I settle for doing it in digital form.

I played Soul Calibur most of yesterday, after getting back from the grocery store. Today, I wrote a paper for AmGov and watched the two big ones in the Nascar race. I almost got last year's Nascar game at Gamestop, but it hadn't come down to my preferred price point yet. Same thing with GTA:SA, X-Men Legends (the first one), and Tekken 5.

You know by the time they release the sequel, shouldn't the used versions of the original game be less than $20? Just a thought. I guess some people are willing to pay it, since that whole "supply and demand" thing seems to work in practice as well as in theory.

I checked my site stats the other day. Seems that I get a lot of visitors from the Great White North.

The land of Maple Syrup, Poutine, and Rush.

Socialized Medicine-ville.

That's right, Canada.

So in keeping with Canadian broadcast guidelines, I will (from now on) make an attempt to produce 25% native Canadian content. I guess I'll just put a big maple leaf in the background or something. Maybe have "O Canada" loop behind the main page.

My ramblings grow weary. I bid you adieu.

Oh wait, I'll have to offer a French version of my site, too.

Never mind. Screw Canada.

(Not really. I love Canada. Especially their money. Please donate to my PayPal. I'll even send you a thank-you letter! Bilingual, even!)


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