Monday, October 17, 2005

planet rock

Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock (pops)

As of tomorrow, I will officially be a Secondary Education major. I can do all of the classes at Oconee, and the only time I might have to go to the Oakwood Campus is for the PRAXIS.

What's funny (and why I love my school): I'm an English Education major. I will not take a single English or Literature or Writing course. I KLEPped out of my two composition classes (thank you AP tests and Carol Selick, you finally turned out to be good for something besides stressing me out over holidays). I can't fit any extra Lit classes in my schedule and still graduate on time and keep HOPE paying for all four years. I'll take three semesters of Spanish, but not a single class in English.

I guess the major is oriented towards the teaching aspect more than what your teaching material is. But of my six non-core classes, three are foreign language and the other three are Human Growth and Development, Teaching Exceptional Students, and Introduction to Education. Out of sixty hours, only six are actually towards teaching.

What a college, eh?

Nothing new in my life other than going to advisement and working out my schedule for the next year and a half.

I've got a copy of the Encyclopedia of Urban Legends that I'll end up reading eventually, but the formatting is weird so I'll have a hard time slogging through it.

Tomorrow I find out what I made on my Music test, plus I get to go over the court case of Marbury v. Madison in AmGov. Whee. You can smell the excitement through the screen.

Now I've got to go read Federalist No. 78 and try not to fall asleep. One can only read so much political rhetoric before one gets tired and nods off.


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