Wednesday, November 09, 2005


David Banner - Play (pops)

I really hate it when this song comes on the radio. Not because I don't like the song. I do. It's that damn siren sample. It makes me slow down and look in my rear-view, because I'm never expecting it. I guess maybe I'm just paranoid.

I've got a music test tomorrow, over the early Classical period. No problems there, because I actually know who Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven are. I'll try to listen to the required stuff later tonight, btu it's no big deal if I don't. I can tell the difference between a piano sonata and a piano concerto, so I'm set for the test. I just have to memorize the details (date, name, genre) for each piece.

Facebook fully implemented the long-awaited Photo Albums feature, so I, like the good little automaton I am, created one today. The thing is, I don't have any pictures of myself that are both recent and suitable for publication. So I put up a picture of Blue Demon in a swank suit, my South Park caricature, and a picture of me and Joey from my graduation party.

I probably could use a digital camera, but I need gas money and insurance money a little bit more. Priorities, people.

Then again, I'd probably just use it for evil purposes, like setting up my own prono site. I can see it now:, your one-stop shop for home-town hussies, hookers, and harlots. The sad part is, I could have a stable of models in no time. Whether anyone would want to pay $19.95 a month to see the women I could get is another story altogether.

And I just looked up the domain name on WHOIS. It could be mine for only $7.95 a year. With some cheap web-hosting at around $25 a month, I only would have to have three subscribers to break even on the hosting costs. Add in modeling costs and record-keeping, and I could operate with a nice profit with only about 100 customers.

So, anybody want to provide some capital for a potentialy lucrative investment opportunity? For the low, low entry price of $999.95, you could be part owner of a booming internet website with unlimited growth potential. You could be a silent partner, doing little or no day-to-day operational work, and still reap the benefits of a growth industry.

Email me if you're interested in a huge money-making opportunity.


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