Monday, October 31, 2005

gold digger

Kanye West w/ Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger (pops)

The radio remix that 95.5 The Beat uses is much superior to the version used for the video. It doesn't have the a capella intro, and it starts off with the musical hook looped around quite funkily. Also, it has more bass, but that's a given for Atlanta.

I hate when censorship ruins the flow of a song. There is no reason to use "broke.. broke" in place of "broke-ass nigga". It sounds stupid, and it doesn't have the same cadence, which is the most important part of a call-and-response song form.

I'm in full coast mode as far as school goes. I did a two-pager (on George Wallace versus Malcolm X, to give it the M. Night Shyamalan twist) that wouldn't have gotten through the first draft in an AP Lit class, but I'll probably end up turning it in "as is" because I'm that lazy.

I haven't done Algebra homework in about two weeks. When she goes over the problems in class, I still get the answers before the teacher does, and catch her mistakes to boot.

The only class I halfway keep up with in terms of homework is Psych, and that's just because it's only reading assignments. If I had to write papers every week, I don't know that I'd be as diligent in the reading. Plus, it sort of interests me, and it sort of counts toward my actual degree. The fact that the teacher actually, you know, TRIES helps a litle bit.

So far, one set of kids has come to my door. And they don't count because they're my cousins. Are we, as a nation, afraid to go door to door asking strangers for free stuff? Or is it just that I live out in the boonies? Column A plus column B, and the slow usurping of Halloween as a holiday more for adults keen on getting drunk, dressing sluttily, or both.

Sluttily? I'm not sure that's in the Oxford Unabridged, but what other word applies? Trampish? Whoresque?

I'll wrap this up. A night of bad wrestling, decent MMA, and dedicated self-loathing awaits me.


Blogger Joey said...

It's because you're out in the boonies. We hardly got anyone.

10:03 AM


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