Friday, November 04, 2005


Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

To the naysayers, I say: Fuck you. He may be an asshole, but the asshole knows how to arrange a song, dammit. So what if he's being a whiny bitch and refusing to play Pumpkins songs in concert anymore? The Pumpkins weren't really about the concert experience anyway. Total studio band, but that's not a bad thing. Look at Steely Dan.

Getting back to the "me being needlessly nostalgic about music", I never wanted to tour or play live shows. I hated playing in band concerts in school, and I was much happier messing around in the studio.

Speaking of the mythical "studio", my music teacher played the class his old demo tape on Thursday. Think the Judds, but with just a piano and saxophone, really bad production values and too much reverb on the vocal tracks.

Yes, that bad.

If anyone has classes at UGA's music school, let me know so I can tell you my professor's name and you can get the dirt on him for me. It won't do me much good now, but I can pass it on for future generations.

Did anyone see the last few South Park episodes? They seem to be hitting their stride again after a little downturn in quality. The phrase "if they start lezzing out, just roll with it" is now firmly entrenched in my vernacular anytime I'm pressed to give advice.

I'm dreading registering for my classes on Monday. I'm going to have to leave for school late, since the earliest I can register is when I usually leave. THere's no way I can wait until I get home or even when I get to school, because the one class I have to have is already half full, and perhaps a third of the student body's gotten the go-ahead to register.

If I don't get in this go-round, I'll either have to grovel at the feet of my psych professor or take the class during summer school. Man, do I not want to have to take this class over the summer. I know it's not going to be a cakewalk as it is. Taking it over the summer, in three-hour blocks, every single day for twenty days is going to make me hate it even more.

Well, I'm out. I'm going to watch UFC all day tomorrow, then watch the finale tomorrow night. If anyone wants to watch it with me, you're free to come over. We've got beets!

(Will anybody get that horribly obscure reference? If they do, will they be motivated to comment?)


Blogger cHiCkA said...

i registered on thursday wahoo wahoo wahoo!!!!!! wanna know the beauty of it? i dont have to buy books...they're all either art classes or on the computer...even more deserving of a triple wahoo...oh and as for the whole hooking you up with sisters thing, there is this one girl alison whos like the coolest chick ever and she reminds me of a slightly less strange and prettier girl version of

11:28 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Hmm, so...I saw that show Mucha Lucha or whatever it is the other day, and it sucked, like majorly sucked. Like quite possibly more than Pokemon or DragonballZ. We've got to work on your tastes in tv. That is all.

12:23 PM


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