Wednesday, November 02, 2005

give it to me

Rick James - Give It To Me (pops)

Because I remember a time when he was more than a punchline. He was a freakin' legend. Nobody save Bootsy or George Clinton were funkier. And the dude could write a hook like nobdoy's business. Plus he was a brilliant arranger (just look at Teena Marie's stuff).

I guess it's "underrated artists week" on here, huh? Then again, my defintion of underrated is different than most.

I'm watching a Simpsons episode while I write this. "Whacking Day", which happesn to be one of my favorites. They say the funniest things are the truest. Well, here's one that rings truer than just about anything:

Superintendent Chalmers: We're dropping the geography requirement. The children weren't testing well. It's proving to be an embarrassment.
Prinicpal Skinner: Very good. Back to the three R's.
Superintendent Chalmers: Two R's, come October.

And for some reason I want to teach high school. Well, that has more to do with the benfits package and the schedule, but I digress.

I propose we institute a "Whacking Day" in Barrow County. You know it would catch on like hotcakes. It combines animal cruelty with community spirit, which are the two cornerstones of any Barrow County gathering.

I'll keep this one short. In closing, I shall quote my personal hero, Abraham Simpson: "I'm an old man. I hate everything but Matlock."


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