Friday, November 11, 2005

big poppa

Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa (pops)

This weekend I'm going to:

Get a haircut
Work on a Christmas present (never too early)
Revise a guy's English paper

I'm going to get paid very well for that last one, too. It's already been marked up by his teacher, so I'll just correct everything the teacher highlighted, then hand it back to him. Easy money, and not really unethical, either. It's a good paper, just sloppy. If I correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes, it's a solid "B" paper, and that's what I'm shooting for.

Sometimes it pays to be a Writing nerd.

If I really wanted to, I could give it my full treatment, and it would definitely be an "A" paper, but it would be a radical shift in writing styles (obviously detectable), and it wouldn't be ethically right. So it's a simple bug-hunt, and I make some gas money.

Speaking of which, I forgot to get gas today. I'll have to go either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Did I mention I almost definitely bombed a Psych test today? I studied pretty hard last night and this morning, but to no avail. The questions were the most obscure stuff, and was material he never covered in class. I didn't answer some of them, so there is no way I made higher than a 90 on the test. I'm looking at maybe an 80, probably more like a 75 or a little lower. Consensus from the rest of my class was that this is the hardest test they've ever taken at GSC.

I made up for it a little bit, as after I got done, I went into the Atrium where his next class was camped out studying. I gave them as much help as possible, so maybe they'll do better than my class did. I don't think they did, though.

Well, see you crazy cats Monday, for another edition of my wonderful existence.


Blogger Joey said...

Yikes. You must have one hard professor. At least you tried to help the next class.


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11:51 PM


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